Bruce knows that truly great wine is created from the ground up. Crediting his time spent studying Agricultural Science at the University of Western Australia with shaping his values and practices, Bruce approaches winemaking with the passion of an Agronomist. Beginning with a deep understanding of soils and sustainable farming practices, it is Bruce’s belief that a holistic approach reaps the greatest rewards, both for the wine and the environment.

With intuitive flair based on decades of experience, Bruce strikes a tender balance between taste, fragrance and texture. His passion for agriculture, respect for process and true artistry makes for an exceptional drinking experience, each and every time.

“It is our responsibility to sustainably conduct agriculture and winemaking, while respecting the related ecosystems, with the final objective of leaving that land in better health for the next generation”

Bruce Dukes - Winemaker



Bruce draws on decades of local and international winemaking experience – including four years at Francis Ford Coppola’s Niebaum-Coppola winery in California and a significant tenure at Pierro Winery locally. His time spent in California helped Bruce hone his exacting and confident approach. His winemaking philosophy is best described by wine expert Professor Steven Kolpan who noted in his book ‘A Sense of Place’ that, “Bruce Dukes articulates the art and science of winemaking with elegance and ease. Bruce knows that the best wines are made vine by vine, berry by berry…”

A University of Western Australia trained Agronomist with a master’s degree in Viticulture and Oenology from the University of California, science underpins Bruce’s approach to selecting fruit. The combination of his passion, artistic and intuitive flair make Bruce the gifted winemaker he is. Bruce’s passion for the region extends to his home life. Living at the base of Cape Naturaliste in the northern end of Margaret River with wife, Wendy, and sons, Oscar and Tim.